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Business App Laws CIOs Should Follow in 2015 [Video]

Joshua Hoffman
January 23, 2015

Technology is constantly changing. Best practices one year may be obsolete soon after. Here are 5 Business App Laws CIOs should follow in 2015.

First - If your apps are missing mobile capabilities, it's a legacy product. Users want to be able to move seamlessly between platforms.

Second - Changing workforce demographics also increase the emphasis on social collaboration. By 2025, Millennials will be 75 percent of the workforce, and much of the remaining workforce will be Generation Y.

Third - There can't be such a canyon between cloud and on-premise applications. Creating and running apps in the cloud brings cost benefits, and being able to make them on-premise adds flexibility and reduces risk. But on-premise-only systems are becoming dinosaurs.

Fourth - Across the business, give employees the 360-degree awareness they need to make good decisions. Poor data access translates to poor decisions.

Fifth - Companies need to ensure that they aren't creating tomorrow's problems with today's technology solutions. CIOs should look for future-proof applications without rigid coding demands, so new updates can be incorporated when needed.

With these laws as a guide, every employee can be more productive, engaged, and drive greater business value - which should be the one law every business app puts above all.