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Revolutionize process management with new technologies

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
February 7, 2014

The business process management field is rife with opportunity for improvement for enterprises that are able to leverage the software and technologies needed to boost company productivity. From innovative new platforms to the infrastructure used within the business, the steady growth of the BPM software industry itself is helping to drive enterprise growth on a broad scale. For most firms, the key is simply to invest in the solution that meets their current needs and provides support for evolving demands in the future.

When it comes to future operational demands, it can be difficult to gauge what BPM strategies will be necessary a year or two down the line. However, by investing in forward-looking infrastructure today, companies will be better prepared to make minor changes and adaptations tomorrow. These efforts will help reduce costs and optimize time to productivity down the road. The trick is to know where the current trends are headed and make an informed decision.


The cloud is still in high demand and for good reasons. Companies are embracing cloud BPM and other computing solutions to improve their flexibility and ensure remote access to key processes and data. By investing in the right cloud solutions, companies can optimize process management software for other trends, like mobility and remote working, and gain a plethora of other benefits at the same time. Beyond the cloud there are sure to be new technologies evolving, but the advanced scalability and flexibility of cloud services will help businesses adapt readily when the time comes.


Social media is heralding in a new era of collaboration and productivity and while the channels may change a few years down the line, investing in high-quality social BPM solutions now will help companies have the foundation in place to adopt those improved tools more easily when the time comes. Rather than remaining a step behind the competition when it comes to collaborative power, businesses will be ready to launch new strategies with ease.

Of course, cloud and social initiatives are only one piece of an ever-spreading puzzle to optimize process management and efficiency, but companies that stay ahead of the curve will have an easier time adapting to the next big trends while maintaining a minimum standard of excellence in their operations at all times.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing