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BPM software provides vital process controls for service providers

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
June 7, 2013

Service providers, regardless of the service they offer, face a responsibility to provide such high-quality customer support that they offer better operational capabilities than customers expect. Doing this depends on being able to integrate processes between workers in the field and those based in the central call center, ensuring that service flows quickly and efficiently throughout the organization. Revenue depends on being able to consistently offer customers a better price-to-performance ratio than they could get somewhere else. Business process management software creates incredible value in this area by positioning service providers to respond quickly to customer needs, streamline internal operations and maximize revenue potential.

BPM enables better call center operations

Call center operations are a central component of success for service providers. The ability to take a customer call, connect that individual with the right department and get the client help as quickly as possible is vital. This is especially true for service providers either responding to an emergency or supporting customers that often find themselves in situations that demand an urgent response. Call center technologies that allow customer service representatives to quickly meet client needs are incredibly valuable in this situation. However, call center employees are often taskedwith documenting the problem and forwarding the issue to other workers. This is where cloud, mobile and social BPM solutions are particularly beneficial, as they enable customer service representatives to connect with other employees to solve client problems as quickly as possible.

Streamlining internal functions

Developing customer-centric operations depends on internal functions that operate smoothly.Workers whoget bogged down in tedious processes are often ill-equipped to adapt to changing dynamics and customer needs. Automating these tasks with BPM solutions can position service providers to respond effectively to customer needs and meet service level agreements.

Looking at the BPM return on investment

Calculating ROI from a BPM deployment requires careful analysis because the technology can improve revenues in so many ways. BPM software has such a holistic impact on a business that it can create opportunity for greater profits in almost every phase of operations. This is especially true for organizations that generate value by providing high-quality customer service. These types of companies generate revenue by offering superior services in a cost-effective package. BPM makes such value propositions possible by eliminating operational inefficiencies that would get in the way of customer-friendly price models.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing