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BPM can help companies leverage the cloud's cost and agility benefits

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
July 2, 2013

Business process management software gives companies an opportunity to maximize the value of technological solutions that impact business operations, such as cloud applications. Cloud computing stands out as a technology that offers organizations cost and agility benefits, CIO magazine reported, leading to considerable corporate benefits when companies align these technological gains with day-to-day processes.

According to the news source, there are plenty of times in life when one benefit has to be sacrificed in order to take advantage of another. In terms of technology, companies may sacrifice cost gains to gain performance benefits or vice versa. One of the reasons why the cloud is such a good solution for many companies is that it offers organizations an opportunity to take advantage of both financial and agility benefits.

Evaluating the advantages offered by the cloud

The cloud is often touted as a cost-efficient IT solution. The report explained that this reputation stems from an on-demand pricing model in which organizations only end up paying for the system resources they use. The cloud also helps organizations establish scalable architectures that enable them to avoid overspending on excess capacity. This can lead to considerable cost savings over time as organizations typically have to spend heavily on extra hardware to meet capacity demands.

The scalability that contributes to cost advantages also positions the cloud to be more agile. CIO magazine explained that businesses can become more responsive when they are using cloud services because the cloud lets them deploy new systems more efficiently and take full advantage of self-service modules.

To a great extent, these gains are possible because cloud computing systems are highly automated, the news source said.

Automation is also integral to maximizing the value of the cloud in operational climates. BPM solutions can provide the process automation that can unlock the full value of the cloud.

Using BPM to maximize the cloud

BPM software can help companies improve processes in light of cloud computing, allowing workers to leverage the technology as effectively as possible. This can prove critical because the cloud is a fairly disruptive technology that can be difficult to adjust to. BPM can be vital in automating the processes that get in the way of employee productivity in cloud-enabled business environments. Furthermore, cloud BPM solutions allow companies to access their BPM systems through the cloud, making it much more accessible for organizations with a tight budget.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing