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Appian Leads in Dynamic Case Management [Video]

Appian Contributor
August 29, 2013

While there have been a number of dynamic case management products on the market for some time now, Appian was singled out as a leader in Forrester's 57-criteria evaluation of vendors for its emphasis on collaboration and innovative approaches to business process management.

The research found that Appian was ahead of the curve for demonstrating its long-term commitment to and its vision for DCM because of its strong support for complex timelines and skills management.

In speaking with more than 30 case management references across the United States and Europe for the research, Forrester found a clear definition between older products and new DCM platforms that have the ability to run multiple procedures within the management of a single case. These systems also have the ability to associate different types of objects within a case, have accessible mechanisms that allow end users to handle variations within a case, as well as tools that can selectively restrict change on processes that have the potential to create any catastrophic missteps.

DCM systems also offer a high degree of flexibility and enhance an organization's ability to rapidly adjust to change - helping to create a balance between IT and business.

Companies that deploy DCM can build solutions that empower workers with immediate access to information, allowing them to make better decisions while collaborating with other key decision makers.

To this end, Appian's BPM suite met Forrester's main criteria for its study and often appeared on client vendor shortlists because its solutions demonstrate an innovative approach to dynamic case management. Appian also was a top choice because of its strong commitment to offering DCM-specific platforms that help transform untamed business process into tangible data.