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BPM software can help companies keep up with shifting operational trends

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
December 10, 2012

The business world is changing dramatically in light of emerging technologies. Responding to these shifts demands innovation, and business process management software can help companies gain the most from IT investments and use technological advances to fuel revenues. According to a recent study from Entrepreneur magazine, a number of IT trends will play a major role in how organizations function.

Solutions gaining prominence in 2013

Big data, new ways of designing and structuring the office, a move toward corporate transparency and shifts in healthcare that point toward more digitalization are all among the major trends set to impact companies in 2013, the study found.

Each of these trends is made possible largely by innovations in how employees access and use information. This creates an environment in which successfully taking advantage of these broad movements depends on not only getting technology into the hands of workers, but also supporting them with tools that let them get the most out of the technology.

Amy Cosper, vice president and editor in chief for Entrepreneur, explained that emerging technological trends will affect many types of businesses.

"Whether you're running an established company or hope to start in the new year, it's crucial to stay in-the-know with what's happening in business right now to stay competitive - and more importantly, what to expect next," said Cosper. "Being savvy about modern expectations and consumer tendencies can make or break a business, and we've got a great look at what 2013 has in store."

The study also found that many of the trends emerging in 2013 are likely to last. Instead, they represent the evolution of a variety of factors that are coming together to create long-term changes in how companies get the job done.

Considering BPM software

It is easy for employees to be overwhelmed when new technologies emerge. With social tools, cloud computing and mobile applications all gaining a larger role in the workplace and enabling new ways of using data and office resources, companies have to rethink how their workers access information. The pace of emerging IT systems has accelerated while the server configuration needed to support them is more complex. Supplementary tools, like BPM solutions, that integrate diverse technologies, can ensure businesses can take advantage of innovation without running into operational roadblocks.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing