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Appian Infuses Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence

Appian Contributor
May 2, 2023

Introduction of Appian AI Skill Designer and Generative AI integration make it easy to tap the power of AI through low-code

SAN DIEGO, CA – May 2, 2023 – Appian [Nasdaq: APPN] today announced the launch of Appian AI Skill Designer and the integration of Generative AI in the Appian Platform. Through low-code design, Appian democratizes AI development, eliminating the need for specialized data science and python coding skills, delivering the benefits of AI automation, cost savings, process excellence, and improved decision making directly to business users. 

Appian AI Skill Designer is a simple and powerful way for organizations to create custom AI machine learning models on their private data. This enables them to create unique AI solutions tailored for the business without the need for data science skills. It also allows them to keep the data they use to train AI models secure and compliant with privacy regulations. With the initial release, Appian AI Skill Designer focuses on automating email communications, document classification, and extraction.

At launch, the Appian AI Skill Designer offers three essential AI capabilities:

  • Email Classification: The platform is designed to automatically interpret and classify emails, enabling organizations to automate their email communications on a large scale. This feature allows businesses to process and respond to customer inquiries, feedback, and requests more efficiently, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • Document Classification: Appian AI Skill Designer can identify and classify information within various documents, streamlining document routing and further automating processes that handle content.
  • Document Extraction: The platform is capable of extracting information from various document types, reducing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy. This enables employees to focus their time on higher-value tasks.

The AI Skill Designer is built on an extensible architecture so clients and partners can expand their palette of AI Skills from the Appian App Marketplace. Appian has created the first AI Skill extension, an OpenAI/ChatGPT Generative AI Skill available now on the Appian AppMarket. Appian’s focus is to break down barriers between humans and machines, allowing humans to use natural and intuitive approaches to express their intent to computers. 

New Generative AI technologies using Large Language Models (LLMs) are evolving to the point where computers can now better understand human language and intent. Reducing the complexities of AI through low-code will unleash even greater acceleration of digital innovation.

Appian worked to ensure that Natural Language Processing (NLP) based on GPT understands how to build automations with the Appian Platform. Utilizing the OpenAI integration, Appian is developing several AI-backed generative capabilities to augment automation with an emphasis on improving developer productivity in day-to-day activities. These include:

  • Using Generative AI and Natural Language to automatically build digital forms from an existing form with natural language instructions. For example, taking an existing document, like a business license application, and applying generative AI to build a secure digital form that can be used to instantly digitize a business in Appian.
  • Using Generative AI to understand how complex applications work. By examining the design of a software application, Generative AI can parse the design to provide Natural Language descriptions of how an application works, delivering benefits like auto-generation of software documentation.
  • Connecting Generative AI to Appian’s Data Fabric. Appian’s Data Fabric technology connects enterprise data in a single, secure virtual data model. With a connection between Generative AI and the Data Fabric, users can ask questions about their enterprise data in Natural Language. For example, a user may ask, “Which customers are at risk of churning in the next 30 days?” Generative AI can provide recommendations and insights that drive proactive action in the Appian Platform.
"The potential benefits of artificial intelligence for process automation are immense, but only if organizations can successfully incorporate complex AI technologies into their digital workflows,” said Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian. “Appian AI Skill Designer and our integration of OpenAI are major advances that democratize access to the benefits of AI.”

Learn more about the power of artificial intelligence for process automation here.

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