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Appian World Highlights Low-Code’s Value for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Programs

Appian Contributor
April 26, 2022

Event sessions and activities examine accelerating net zero carbon initiatives, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, and delivering ESG governance.

McLEAN, VA – April 26, 2022 – At this year’s Appian World conference, low-code technology’s role in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs is on display. Event sessions and activities are designed to raise awareness across the ESG spectrum, and to highlight accelerating net zero carbon programs and improving ESG ratings through a low-code approach. 

Businesses are increasingly under pressure from customers, financial regulators, investors, and governments to strengthen their internal ESG systems. Low-code can help organizations improve their ESG ratings by rapidly integrating ESG data sources, adapting to evolving regulations, ensuring visibility, control, and auditability, and by embedding ESG within operational processes.

Conference Sessions
Conference sessions with customers, Appian leaders, and industry experts illustrate low-code’s value in big data capture and management, compliance assurance, and reporting for ESG. Sessions include:

  • “Embracing Sustainability and ESG for Strategic Advantage,” featuring John Stretton, Senior Manager, Process Improvement & Automation at EDP Renewables North America and Jenna Harvey, Global Manager, Emerging Industries at Appian.
  • “Supply Chain Resiliency and the Journey to Net Zero Carbon,” featuring John Moore, Carbon Expert with NZC Services Ltd, and Meryl Gibbs, Emerging Industries Leader at Appian.
  • “ESG Data and Reporting: Adapting to Shifting Regulatory Requirements,” featuring Herbert Schild, Global Industry Lead, Financial Services at Appian, and John Trapani, Industry Leader, Financial Services at Appian.
  • The Appian Product Keynote sessions, presented by a group of Appian experts across two days, are being delivered in the context of ESG use cases, demonstrating how the latest Appian features simplify and accelerate ESG program management.

Live-Build Challenge
This year’s Live Build Challenge focuses on using the Appian Low-Code Platform to build ESG solutions. Six Appian developers will compete head-to-head, showing off their app building speed and skill, while demonstrating how Appian can address the most daunting ESG data collection, management, and reporting challenges. The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize. Senior Developer Advocate April Schuppel will be joined by Senior Solutions Consultants Jenny Durina and Val Rader to guide viewers through the action.

“Go Green at Appian World” App
Appian has taken steps regarding transportation, food and beverage, conference policies, and accommodations to lessen the conference’s environmental impact. Conference attendees are encouraged to use the “Go Green at Appian World” app (built into the general conference app) to see how they can lower their individual event-related carbon footprints as well. The simple survey app asks a series of questions regarding event travel and participation, and provides information on alternative choices each attendee can make to help the event be as environmentally-friendly as possible. In addition to raising carbon emissions awareness, the app is an example of how the new Appian Portals capability makes it easy to create external interfaces that deliver the power of Appian without requiring users to login. Five survey participants will be selected at random for Appian to adopt endangered penguins in their names.

“It has never been more urgent for organizations to prioritize sustainability,” said Michael Heffner, Vice President, Solutions and Industry Go To Market at Appian. “Customers, investors, and financial auditors are increasingly making decisions based on a company’s commitment, transparency, and auditability regarding environmental and social impact. Low-code provides the speed, data management, and visibility organizations need to understand their current position, automate for improvement, and measure the results.” 

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