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Australian Fintech Launches Hay-as-a-Service, Managed by Appian Low-Code Automation Platform

Appian Contributor
July 8, 2021

Hay streamlines and automates the management of its embedded finance platform with low-code plus complete automation

Sydney – Appian (NASDAQ: APPN), today announced that Hay, the Australian headquartered FinTech company, is ramping up growth through its “Hay-as-a-Service” (HaaS) with the support of the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform.

Hay-as-a-Service provides fast, secure, and customisable financial services processing for financial and non-financial businesses.  Because the solution is supported by a low-code automation platform, HaaS is able to deal with all of the complexities of managing its services at scale for its clients.  This allows HaaS and its clients to concentrate on delivering value for their customers, knowing that management support for any new innovation can be implemented risk free and at speed using Appian.

“The move from traditional finance to embedded finance is accelerating across a range of sectors because it gives an organisation more ownership of the entire customer journey,” explained Jason Latham, Chief Information Officer at Hay. “The single pane of glass we developed on Appian’s low-code platform allows us to manage our platform and our client’s embedded finance products with ease, in a low-touch fashion with a minimum of manual effort and intervention.  This allows us to concentrate our skilled resources on our HaaS platform.”

The HaaS solution offers one modern API frontend for individual companies to enhance their customer experience. The HaaS platform is a pure microservice, cloud native offering and includes a range of configurable and flexible microservices modules, such as accounts and core banking, payment processing and management, financial crime, data analytics and insights, card services including ApplePay, GooglePay and other digital wallets, loyalty and rewards and onboarding new customers.  HaaS has built a single pane of glass using Appian ensuring it has a robust, tier 1 back-office platform to manage its operations that can be developed, risk free, at high speed.

“Hay is leading the way in innovating the FinTech space, both through its Hay retail brand and HaaS solution, by leveraging low-code automation,” said Luke Thomas, Regional Vice President APAC at Appian. “Flexibility and speed are at the core of what Appian provides and we’re proud to support Hay in extending their services so other companies across the world can take better advantage of embedded finance.”

HaaS has provided a full suite of transaction  services and significantly accelerated timelines for Nano Home Loans, a mobile-first non-bank lender,  who launched in Australia last week.

“HaaS removes the complexity of the payments ecosystem and replaces it with a one-stop seamless solution,” said Andrew Waler, CEO & Co founder at Nano Home Loans, a mobile-first non-bank lender that launched in Australia in 2020. “It’s so fast and flexible that it allowed us to remove upwards of six months of build and integration from our timeline.”

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