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UnionBank of the Philippines

UnionBank of the Philippines is committed to driving the future of banking as the country’s premier digital bank. The bank initially served the top 1,000 corporations in the country and has since evolved into a leading digital retail bank by extending its services to retail customers. As a pioneer in adopting technology, UnionBank empowers customers with a digital transformation strategy that ensures superior customer experiences and financial inclusion while building a culture of innovation. The bank supports the Philippines' goal to be a G20 country by 2050 with innovative banking solutions that drive financial inclusion and overall economic prosperity.

Appian and UnionBank of the Philippines


Business Problem

UnionBank was challenged to balance its traditional banking legacy with a vision of delivering superior customer experiences and promoting financial inclusion and prosperity in the Philippines. To get there, they faced a complex journey to integrate numerous highly automated and manual processes across 200 physical branches while reducing operational costs.

Appian Solution

Appian helped UnionBank drastically reduce development time and remove the need for a large team of programmers. UnionBank used the Appian Platform to launch an innovative concept: "The Ark," representing a groundbreaking approach to branch banking involving customer interactions through iPads provided by bank ambassadors. This innovation led to a remarkable 5x acceleration in the customer journey compared to traditional banking methods, substantially improving the overall customer experience. The Appian solution significantly expedited the bank's end-of-day balancing process, reducing the time required for completion by threefold, benefitting the bank's employees. The time and cost savings across all branches were significant.

Key benefits:

  • Drastically reduced development time with a low-code process automation platform eliminated the need for a large team of programmers.
  • Improved customer experience with "The Ark" concept, a reinvention of branch banking that makes interactions 5x faster than traditional methods.
  • Employees experienced a 3x faster end-of-day balancing process, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Saved significant time and costs across all branches, improving operational efficiencies.
  • Solution aligns with UnionBank’s inclusive banking mission by being customer-focused, automated, secure, and agile.
“Our customers are continuously seeking more convenient ways of doing everyday things. The Ark provides them with the perfect mix of an efficient and time-saving digital method of completing their banking while still offering the option of face-to-face interactions with our ambassadors.” Anna Maria Aboitiz Delgado, Head for Consumer Finance, Chief Customer Experience Officer & Senior VP at UnionBank of the Philippines.