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Triad Retail Media

Triad Retail Media is a global leader in digital retail advertising, reaching over 150 million unique visitors a month and generating annual revenues of about $750 million.

Business Problem

Working with some of the world’s largest retailers, Triad’s clients demand high-quality results that are bigger and faster every day. Triad’s transaction process relied heavily on email and manual tasks, and did not provide complete visibility or the option to scale quickly.

Appian Solution

With Appian, Triad launched a comprehensive, scalable platform that leverages data to drive workflows and makes it easy to find information in the context of collaborative business processes. From initial contact with an advertiser to delivery and invoicing, there is complete visibility into all the data in motion, the decisions made, and the actions that need to be taken. As a result, Triad has seen a 30% reduction in the time it takes to perform certain tasks and 40,000 fewer emails from their servers a year. In addition, the entire revamp was delivered in a mere three months – from concept to design and implementation.

“It allows me to confidently go back to our clients and say that we’re providing you the best experience that Triad can from a process standpoint because we know we’re partnering with the best in the space.”

Rob Kane, SVP
Business Lead Walmart/Sam’s Club, Triad Retail Media

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