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Sunsuper is the largest superannuation fund company in Queensland, Australia. A superannuation fund is an employee retirement savings plan (similar to a 401K in the United States). Sunsuper manages $19 Billion (AUD) on behalf of its more than one million enrolled members and more than 67,000 employer organizations paying into Sunsuper funds. Sunsuper exists solely for the benefit of its members. It does not pay dividends to its shareholders. This means Sunsuper puts the customer (or, member) at the center of everything the organization does.

Sunsuper: Outpacing the competition with exceptional customer service through digital transformation

Business Problem

Sunsuper wanted to reduce manual paper processes and replace them with digital automation. This required simplifying the company’s underlying IT architecture. Prior to Appian, a simple fund switch (called a “Rollover) required the member to complete a 15-page paper form and submit it by mail, fax or email. When a Plan Administrator received a form, a myriad of back-end manual processes for verification and completion were initiated. Once verified, the form was manually entered into Sunsuper’s CRM tool, and a new series of manual verifications were performed to make sure the funds were tax-qualified. The Administrator would then swivel to yet another system to check for any open trouble tickets regarding that member, their employer or the funds in question, and another system to verify Rollover waiting periods. Sunsuper wanted to automate their back-end operations to give their customers a great experience, make funds switching easier, and reduce related operational costs.

Appian Solution

Using the Appian Platform, Sunsuper built an end-to-end Rollover automation solution in matter of weeks. With the new application, a member or employer can now fill out their application online, with real-time auto-checking of data accuracy (based on business rules) for tax qualification and other verifications. Appian’s “Records” capability gives the Plan Administrator a holistic view on the member, with one-click access (in the same system and interface) to check for any active tasks associated with the member. No more swiveling between disconnected systems. Appian Records unites all of the required data with all of the required verification and completion processes.
The Rollover process that used to take weeks can now be done virtually overnight. Also, Rollovers now  cost Sunsuper 50% less to process than they did prior to Appian. So, customers now have an optimal experience, while at the same time Sunsuper is saving money.