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Serco Group plc is an international outsourcing company, providing support services to the public sector with 50,000+ employees worldwide. The Group works with Justice, Immigration, Healthcare, Defense, Transport and Citizen Services departments across government globally, managing people, process and assets at scale.

Serco: Transforming the UK's Prison Services with Low-Code Automation

Business Problem

Managing people, processes and assets at scale is challenging. Employees often rely on dated legacy and siloed systems to do their job, with the need to update numerous records, documents, and spreadsheets manually. When working in the field, they also need to fill out paper forms and send them back to the office for administrators to enter and update data to the system, creating greater margin for errors.

Serco was looking for a solution to exceed client expectations on service delivery. They needed to find an efficient, scalable solution to meet client requirements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They wanted to replace manual processes with intelligent automation and implement a digital platform to have better visibility and measurement of client services quality.

Appian Solution

Serco chose the Appian Low-code Automation Platform to unify data and deliver better client services. They are automating manual processes and providing mobile capabilities for their employees..

Since Serco first started using Appian in 2015, they have built 3 applications in the UK. One of the key applications is for its UK Prisoner Escorting and Custody Services (PECS) division. The new application automates key processes and tracks the movement of 15,000 prisoners per month in London and Southeast England. The scalable solution has doubled the services Serco can deliver, as well as improving prisoner and officer safety and welfare.