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Quds Bank

Established in Palestine, Ramallah since 1995, Quds Bank has been a trusted partner for individuals and businesses in Palestine, helping drive their financial success and personal well-being by offering proficient and reliable banking services.

Quds Bank transforming its internal and external processes

Business Problem

In 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Quds Bank decided to automate and digitalize most of its internal and external processes. Within a few months, the bank had developed a roadmap to digitalization and success.

Appian Solution

Quds Bank needed a highly secure technology that combines low-code app development and business process management (BPM) to improve their quality control processes. After running a comprehensive research and selection process, the bank selected the Appian Low-Code Platform to automate its operations. 

With Appian, Quds Bank launched its first application, an app for automating committee management, in one month. Then, over a period of 18 months, Quds Bank was able to go live with over 33 applications, which included apps such as Dynamic Workflow (Q-HUB), Contract Management, Banking CRM, Audit-Unit Follow-Up Solution, and automated individual facility notification. They plan to finalise automation of all bank operations by the end of 2022. 

“Our staff were trained in less than six months, and started developing our first application within those few months. As of today, we have 33 live applications, and we plan to develop another 60 applications by the end of 2022. So, the application life cycle is moving fast, we have seen great results in transaction processing times. This is reflecting positively on our employee performance and customer satisfaction.”
Zaid Jerab, SVP, Strategic Planning and Digital Transformation Head 

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