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PromptCare Companies provides advanced, chronic disease-centered care programs which require high-tech respiratory and infusion solutions in the home.

PromptCare Companies: Unifying Business Processes with Appian


Business Problem

PromptCare sought to unify their business processes with a low-code platform. They wanted to automate key business areas including the patient onboarding process and therapy management process.

Appian Solution

The Appian platform allows PromptCare to create a hub and spoke model for their processes, streamlining and automating the management of various systems of record, including electronic medical record systems and document management systems.

Key benefits

Created an effective hub and spoke model for key processes. Improved and streamlined the patient onboarding and therapy management processes.

  • 30% faster patient onboarding process.
  • 50% faster therapy evaluation process.

Developed process orchestration for medical records and document management systems.

“If you've got a process or you've got a problem within your organization that is process oriented and your culture is dynamic, the Appian platform has a way to help you achieve the outcome.”

Phil Merrell
Chief Information Officer, PromptCare Companies