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Poste Italiane

As a company with 160 years of history, a network of over 12,800 post offices, approximately 128,000 employees, 536 billion euros of financial assets, 35 million customers, and a revenue of over 11 billion euros, Poste Italiane S.p.A is an integral part of Italy’s economy and plays a key role in supporting the country’s future growth and modernization. 


Business Problem

Poste Italiane was seeking a solution that would reduce the complexity of processing cases by digitizing and streamlining their workflows. They needed an agile automation platform that would be easy to implement, quick to adopt, and that would have a very low impact on the existing application landscape.

Extending the customer-centric view to all the products and services in the portfolio and improving processing times in terms of both quality and speed would break down the company’s boundaries and extend access to services for citizens and businesses.

Globally, companies and leaders are focusing their efforts on creating company-wide vision and culture for digital. They’re aiming to transform business models and core operations through a seamless blend of human expertise, robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and supporting technologies. So, that’s the approach Poste Italiane took in implementing the Appian platform.

They had four main goals: improved back-office operations, seamless customer service, a high quality customer experience, and operations governance and transformation. 


Appian Solution

It was important for Poste Italiane to see improved service and efficiency in all these areas and keep customer satisfaction at the forefront. Poste Italiane met their goals by using the Appian Low-Code Platform with a separate robotics solution, which together they called the Digital Desk (Appian + Robotics solution). 

At the same time as they adopted the Digital Desk, Poste Italiane launched a campaign titled “War on Paper”—and today, the exchange of paper between their front and back offices has been nearly eliminated. 

With Appian, Poste Italiane customer services agents can now handle fraud analysis and case management using a single platform with an intuitive interface. Appian also has auditing capabilities that allow Poste Italiane to easily control and monitor their processes end to end—including tasks automated with robotic process automation. The Appian platform saves Poste Italiane back-office staff time and effort previously lost to switching between legacy systems, and their customers receive better, more efficient service. It has also reduced Poste Italiane’s cost to serve—more than half of their documents are now digitized, and lead times have been reduced by at least 25% for main products.

Digitizing Poste Italiane’s processes and becoming paperless were the key drivers for a transformation that could support a new digital economy. Through our partnership with Appian, we have seen significant improvements in the way we do our business, reducing lead times by at least 25% and the pressure on resources by 45% in some parts of the business, while still achieving the same outcomes.
Mirko Mischiatti, Group Chief Digital, Technology and Operating Officer, Poste Italiane

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Poste Italiane wanted to optimize back office operations to improve customer experience.

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