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Naturgy is a multinational group with 175 years of history, a leader in the energy sector in Latin America and Spain, and a pioneer in the integration of gas and electricity. It currently operates in the regulated and privatized utility markets across 30 countries. Services and operations include gas infrastructure and supply, electricity generation with an installed capacity of 15.5 GW and a diversified mix, gas and electricity distribution and commercialization with more than 18 million supply points.

Business Problem

Naturgy is a company whose interest in staying at the forefront of energy technology has driven the development of Origin on the Appian Platform. A system that not only allows the automatic listening and insertion of news from specialized media in the technological fields of interest for Naturgy, but also the orchestration and standardization of innovation activities.

Appian Solution

Origin provides Innovation Management for Research, Knowledge Management, and Project Management on Appian.

Origin is an Innovation Management solution that is used by several Naturgy employees involved in innovation-related activities. It allows standardization and automation of the following activities related to Innovation Execution and Technology Watch:

  • Automatic compilation and analysis of technology news.
  • Creation of Technological Radars, relevant news groups for specific Technological Observatories.
  • Creation and distribution of the quarterly Technology Bulletin, a bulletin with the most important news related to the technologies that interest the company and that focus its attention on the current period. Through Appian this bulletin is generated, approved and distributed in multiple languages to all interested parties globally.