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Midwest Loan Services

Midwest Loan Services has been servicing and originating loans for Credit Union members in partnership with Credit Unions for over 10 years. By clearly focusing on the goal of providing customized services to each business partner, MLS has grown into a national company with one of the most recognized brands in the Credit Union subservicing world.

Business Problem

As a business that outsources mortgage loan administration, MLS must consistently demonstrate responsive, quality service to match and outpace in-house options. MLS identified the need for an enterprise BPM platform to maximize service level quality, efficiency and productivity. MLS sought an easy-to-use solution that would allow them to own all solution development internally without enlisting costly vender services assistance.

Appian Solution

MLS has identified a range of business benefits that have arisen as a direct result of deploying the Appian platform. Major improvements were noted in workload balancing, employee productivity, resource allocation and performance visibility. Process cycle times have reduced from 5-10 days to 24 hours, and real-time analytics allow processes to improve continually. MLS leaders expect that once fully developed, the BPM program will create over $1M in cost-savings and increased efficiencies annually. These improvements will ultimately translate to enhanced quality and consistency of service, giving MLS the competitive advantage it needs.