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Janus Henderson

Janus Henderson Investors is a leading global active asset manager that exists to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

Business Problem

Managing risk in the financial arena is always a challenge between an organization and its trusted customers. Janus Henderson knew it needed to adopt a business platform that would eliminate trading errors, improve legacy processes, comply with a highly-regulated industry, and document high risk records in the most efficient and modernized workflow.

Appian Solution

Enhancing user control and reducing risk is the most essential piece of Janus Henderson’s financial management process improvement. Using the Appian platform, Janus Henderson developed an internal business platform known as JTRAC (Janus Task Resource Automation Center). While leveraging JTRAC, investment and compliance monitoring is documented through rapid delivery of audit trail records that can be accessed throughout company departments such as Security, Finance, and Trade Operations.

With the incorporation of JTRAC, Janus Henderson processes higher volumes of financial records and more complex business cases with greater accuracy. Using the Portfolio Cash Management application, non-valued added, manual auditing steps were reduced by almost 99 percent to create a more agile and standardized workflow, with an emphasis on time-to-business outcome. In addition, communication through social collaboration provides greater visibility into project statuses, helping to break down business silos and create transparency throughout departments.

“Appian is providing a platform to assist Janus with reducing process risk and gaining efficiency throughout the organization.”

Josh Seeman
Director of Process and Software Quality, Janus