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Groupama Asset Management

Groupama AM has been investing for the future since 1992.

Since its creation, Groupama Asset Management, a subsidiary of Groupama, has established itself as one of the main French players in asset management. 

Groupama Asset Management, which historically acts on behalf of many Groupama group entities, has put its know-how and experience at the service of institutional investors, companies and distributors.

Groupama has a collaborative approach that promotes exchange and sharing between its various experts to build, develop and manage effective and sustainable strategies. In total, they manage 109 billion euros of assets for their customer accounts.


Groupama Asset Management: Intelligent Automation for Product Lifecycle Management

Business Problem

With a key objective for the company being to win market share in all customer categories, both in France and internationally, Groupama Asset Management wanted to replace their existing "Product base" software which did not meet the new expectations and requirements, by implementing a new application. 

Their legacy application was divided into two main parts, including the creation of their workflow processes, allowing an Idea to grow into a Product (Idea generation, product characterisation, incubation and commercialization).


Appian Solution

Groupama Asset Management's objectives were to better manage product life cycles, centralise products, improve flexibility, adapt to new regulations, improve day-to-day work, add a new "idea generation" process for product innovation, improve efficiency, reduce operational risks and be more compliant.

Their main selection criteria was finding a solution that integrated essential industry tools, whilst also respecting their CIO’s requirements. Budget was another important factor, honouring the agreement made at the beginning of the project, and implementing a solution that could be scalable to meet future needs.

By selecting Appian, they were able to digitise key processes, keep to agreed budgets and meet expected timelines.

Since implementing the Appian OPEN application, it has enabled Groupama to share essential knowledge and have full visibility over the full project processes that they didn’t previously have.

Previously another main concern had been user experience of the platform. With Appian, they were able to create a tool that was both intuitive and user-friendly. That feedback has been unanimous.


“We wanted to improve what we call the innovation process in order to have a faster time-to-market than we had before. The impact is huge since everything is centralised in Appian.”

- Nathalie Daeubert OPEN Project Product Manager, Groupama Asset Management