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Grifols is the world leader in the plasma industry, with more than 250 dedicated plasma donor centers across the United States, Europe, and Asia and facilities in more than 100 countries around the world.

Grifols: Creating Flexibility and Speed through a Unified Data System


Business Problem

Grifols sought to establish a streamlined system to initiate, review, validate, track, and close their 700+ annual change requests. They needed a solution that could orchestrate end-to-end change control management with appropriate forms.


Appian Solution

Appian helped Grifols innovate their change control management process, taking them from idea to deployment in only 18 weeks. With their new change control management system (CCMS), Grifols is able to orchestrate end-to-end change control management with appropriate forms to capture change request details, task assignments, review and approval cycles, document uploads, and impact assessments. This has resulted in an 83% reduction in data entry processing time.

Crucial to Grifols’ process improvement, the Appian-powered CCMS provides real-time visibility into the status of change requests for relevant participants across all departments with an audit trail. Teams across multiple business units now have a single, unified view of each change request with a repository for all related documents needed for review and approval.