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General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)

GDIT, a division of General Dynamics, an aerospace and defense company, provides cutting edge technology to deliver the next-generation services their customers need.

General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)

Business Problem.

GDIT had many paper processes that would get lost in the business. They wanted to automate processes to eliminate paper, speed up processes and approvals, and reduce the administrative burden to enable employees to focus on mission-critical work.

Appian Solution.

An Appian customer since 2013, GDIT’s first Appian application automated invoice processing for their 300 monthly invoices totaling $1.2 billion/year. Integrating accounts receivable, finance, and human capital systems, the automated process reduces invoice processing time from days to mere hours. 

Key benefits:

  • Process invoices faster, in hours instead of days. 

  • Save hundreds of person-hours, enabling employees to focus on mission-critical tasks.

  • Eliminate hundreds of emails/month.

  • Reduce reliance on paper.

GDIT has since expanded Appian to 35,000+ seats and developed 60+ applications to automate and streamline processes. Using Appian, they unify data from diverse systems to make better, faster business decisions to help serve their customers. GDIT aims to integrate their enterprise as a whole in fully automated processes.