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Bayer AG

Bayer is a Life Sciences company established over 150 years ago, now with more than 100,000 employees across 50 countries. Their focus is on improving the quality of life by preventing, alleviating and treating diseases through their pharmaceutical and consumer health products. Bayer also provides a reliable supply of high-quality food through research and development in crop science, and by improving animal health.

They are committed to operating sustainably with social and ethical responsibilities while creating value for their customers, stockholders and employees.

Bayer AG: Digitizing Global Clinical Operations


Business Problem

Complex IT systems deployed over decades often worked in isolation and supported just a small part of a process. Bayer wanted to bring its people, processes, data & systems together to enable smoother clinical operations and provide a better experience for their employees and partners through technology.

They also wanted to increase efficiency, improve the speed of clinical trials and have better data for tracking and reporting. Employees relied on many systems and applications, typically taking around 3 hours to collect information from them all to compile a single report.

Appian Solution

Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is an integral part of all process implementations, providing insights and visibility across the business to monitor operational performance. Appian’s modern interfaces are powerful yet easy to use. By focusing on people and their collaboration, solutions built on Appian helped accelerate business improvement, while providing the flexibility to review and update processes and rules.

The new Appian solution automates recurring decisions based on rules, and supports mobile device approval when required. As a result, tasks can be completed with greater efficiency, enabling employees to spend more time on higher-value activities. Instead of taking 3 hours to gather data and compile reports, it now takes just a few minutes, resulting in increased productivity with positive feedback from users.