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Anglian Water

Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area served. Its commitment to environmentally-friendly production of clean and safe water means it is involved in multiple capital-intensive projects, including the installation and maintenance of smart metres, pipelines, and pumping stations.

Appian delivers game-changing visibility on investment and infrastructure

Business Problem

Water may be all around us, but delivering a total of 1.2 billion litres daily to around 7 million customers requires extensive planning, infrastructure, and investment. 

Anglian Water operates in the UK’s driest region, where a growing population means demand for water is rising while droughts are increasingly restricting supply. Managing this mismatch effectively requires the business to invest wisely and be certain that its investments are delivering where it counts. 

Anglian Water’s previous analysis and reporting process lacked bandwidth and was based primarily on monthly cycles. Reports were slow to produce and critical decisions were being made using ageing data. 

Furthermore, Anglian Water was keen to take immediate steps to put in place data foundations to set out a longer-term vision for net zero transformation, which will enable it to drive climate-conscious decision making on investments and ways of operating. 

Appian Solution

To meet their goal, Anglian Water worked with Cognizant to build the Totex Delivery Workflow (TDW) solution, a low-code, cloud-based platform that gives Anglian Water employees an organized view of all relevant business data. Crucially, TDW enables instant access to data that can then be converted into meaningful business intelligence. Metrics and KPIs are now available in real time, enabling responsive and accurate decisions without the lengthy lags that hampered the previous system. And the cloud-based, device-agnostic infrastructure means this information is as readily available on a mobile phone as it is on a laptop or PC. 

“We have to understand how much of the various materials we are using, Appian allows us to add all those numbers together across all of our capital carbon footprint programmes and come up with numbers that we can then address and reduce. Being able to sit in a meeting and bring up information, wherever that might be and without having to wait for an analyst to crunch the data, is a game-changer. That expectation is set now.” Richard Buckingham Climate Change and Carbon Manager, Anglian Water