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Amadori is a leader in the Italian agriculture-food sector, servicing over 20,000 customers with more than 500 products and 1,700 items. Founded almost fifty years ago, the company accounts for more than 30-percent of the Italian poultry market, with annual revenues of more than 1.2 billion Euros.

Business Problem

Like many large organizations, Amadori’s technology landscape consists of a heterogeneous collection of enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations, legacy packaged systems, and custom-developed applications, as well as numerous unstructured processes. A lack of integrations across these systems created multiple manual steps and task handoffs that were difficult to monitor, resulting in poor insights on work status and lack of visibility across operations. Error rates and redundancies were high as people shared key information via email and phone calls and then manually entered data. Amadori’s legacy applications also delivered poor mobile user experiences due to outdated interfaces that limited user adoption and impeded rapid collaboration. 

Amadori aimed to simplify work for all of its employees, partners, and customers across the supply chain.

Appian Solution

Using Appian, Amadori set out to create a series of new, modern, and connected digital business applications. One of those solutions is: 


Amadori uses Appian to manage the complete procurement cycle from request to payment. All non-stock item purchase requests, orders, and invoices go through Appian. Additionally, vendor invoicing registration and all approval processes are run on the platform. 

The use of RPA capabilities streamlines the end-to-end process and reduces the need for manual intervention. Automatic alerts and escalations minimize bottlenecks, while the application tracks every decision for visibility and compliance audits. 

The process is now enriched with vendor onboarding and vendor management applications as well as a special application to onboard and manage all new independent sellers.

Instead of paper invoices, manual processes, and email correspondence with limited tracking and auditing capabilities, Amadori has digitized its procure-to-pay process. The company made big improvements in compliance and, for the first time, has strong visibility and control of its core finance process. The Appian solution has delivered these results:

  • Management of more than 100,000 invoices per year, with more than 25% totally automated.
  • Automation of the order and invoice approval process across departments.
  • Integration with the pre-existing order management system.
  • Significant improvement in business visibility and regulatory compliance with audit trails, process analytics, and reporting.

“We chose Appian as a strategic platform for cloud-based digital transformation because it allows us to be agile in how business and IT respond to changing environment. The  mix of Business Process Management (BPM), RPA, and low-code development supports our focus on process monitoring and continuous improvement, collaboration within and outside of our company, and visibility into our records across applications."

Sandro Salvigni

IT & Digital Transformation Manager at Amadori

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