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Alexianer runs 27 hospitals of all levels of care. The association also includes 44 nursing homes. With 1 billion Euro total turnover and 27,900 employees the Alexianer Group works as a non-profit organization, not profit-oriented, but effective and efficient. With an organizational structure with nine regions throughout Germany from Aachen to Saxony-Anhalt the services are always oriented to the people on site. 

Business Problem

In the age of digital transformation, it is increasingly important to consider the impact of data on the quality of life in society. 

How is the digitalization and automation of companies and business processes changing the lives of our fellow citizens? 

In emergencies, efficient processes are crucial for rapid care, while process transparency offers added value for the company itself. Alexianer needed a more effective billing process, and a way to optimise critical emergency room processes.

Appian Solution

In a pilot project of data-based process optimization in hospital operations, the Alexianer GmbH proves the importance of digital transformation for the quality of care of its patients. 

With Appian Process Mining, they have created a data-based basis for optimizing critical hospital processes such as the central emergency room and the billing process. 

Benefits include: 

  • Optimization of the central emergency room offers improved quality of care for patients. 
  • Waiting time between patient discharge and final invoice was reduced by about 80%. 
  • Improved communication across departments for optimized documentation. 

Doctors, patients and nursing staff give every day their best, but our process sequences still had significant potential for optimization. The data showed: we were already good. With Appian Process Mining we became even better. 

Gerrit Krause
Head of Unit Care and Process Management, Alexianer GmbH 

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Innovative Process Controlling

Read the Case Study to understand how findings from the Process Mining analysis have given Alexianer a profound understanding of their processes.