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Addiko Bank

Addiko Bank is an international financial group headquartered in Vienna, Austria, operating through seven banks with its core business in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Addiko services more than 1 million clients, providing a full range of banking products.

Addiko Bank: Modernize Banking with Digital Solutions 

Business Problem

Committed to an exceptional customer experience, Addiko understands the relationship between the digitalization of internal processes and the ability to improve external services to customers. Their processes were too complex, took too long, relied heavily on paper documents and were not consistent across countries. To create the greatest impact on customer experience, they knew they needed simple, fast and transparent processes.

Appian Solution

Addiko chose Appian to simplify their loan process and allow them to offer a time-to-yes lending decision to their customers within three working days, decreasing the average customer waiting time by half. This unlocked huge savings, making Addiko more competitive in the market from a speed of service point of view. As a result, they are changing how banking is done in South and Eastern Europe.