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Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by Geographic area covered, with operations coving 27,500 square kilometers, employing in excess of 4,000 people, and supplying up to 1.2 billion litres of water to six million customers in a single day.

Business Problem

To continue meeting the region’s growing need for environmentally friendly production of clean and safe water, Anglian is investing more in new water treatment and delivery of capital projects over the next five years, including Smart Meters, New Pipeline, and Pumping Stations. Anglian Water needed an innovative solution to increase speed, efficiency, and risk mitigation in the management of these projects. Existing systems were too rigid and inflexible with significant repetition and inconsistent usage, meaning margin for error and time/money wasted.

Appian Solution

The solution, called Totex Delivery Workflow (TDW), will give employees a single and intuitive view of all relevant data regardless of where that data resides in underlying legacy systems, by using Low-Code. The solution will manage all requests, decisions, transactions, and business processes across the lifetime of a capital project using sophisticated workflows by using Intelligent Business Process Management. This means a simpler experience for Anglian employees and better visibility into project status and operational effectiveness for management.