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About Sky Solutions

Sky Solutions is a business process management, cloud and data solutions company that delivers next generation IT services tailored to the needs of our customers. We are a team of dedicated, diverse and talented IT professionals driven by sheer enthusiasm to support and empower enterprises by providing them with the appropriate tools and resources.

We automate business processes, integrate intelligence with workflow management tools and apply software methodologies to empower the businesses with visible results. Using a business centric approach, we not only identify the current issues that our clients face but also anticipate ones they may face in the future, enabling them with a sense of confidence in effective decision making for their organization.

With an unmatched experience in Health Care, Banking, Financial services and Insurance, we are well equipped to transform all facets of our customer’s business: Process, People, Organizations, Health care, Regulations and Policies using our cutting-edge IT solutions. Armed with a global business presence and advanced technology solutions, we are capable of delivering valuable IT experiences to our customers through consulting, cloud computing, data management, application development, and more.