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Appian AI Copilot and Platform Vision

Fuel the productivity revolution with generative AI.

Discover the next-generation, AI-powered platform for process automation.

Leverage Appian’s enterprise-ready AI architecture

The Appian Platform for process automation is your gateway to the productivity revolution with an architecture powered by AI. 


Use generative AI to express application designs humans can understand in a declarative, low-code design studio.

Data Fabric

Unify your enterprise data in a data fabric to power and train AI services with built-in guardrails that protect the security and privacy of your data.

AI Skill Designer

Create custom and private AI models with your secure data to process content at scale.

Complete Automation

Easily incorporate the latest AI services into end-to-end process automations to automate any action.


Protect your data with private AI.

Appian’s unwavering commitment to delivering secure, private AI ensures your data and AI models never escape your control. 

Watch more videos on Appian’s AI capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Explore how Appian AI accelerates your process automation journey.

Artificial Intelligence

See how AI is infused into the Appian process automation platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Align humans, systems, RPA, and Appian AI innovations to drive efficiency.

Low-code + AI = better together
Appian Process Automation Screenshot

Low-code + AI = power.

Appian’s AI Copilot makes our platform the perfect medium for AI to express application designs while enabling humans to understand and visually refine AI creations.

The future of generative AI and Appian.

Appian’s generative AI roadmap delivers real-world value today and will continue to drive new innovations in upcoming releases. 

OpenAI Integration

Leverage OpenAI and the latest AI services in your existing automations with easy, prebuilt connectors and integrations.

Open AI Integration

Generative AI Interface Design

Instantly create digitized forms and applications from existing PDFs through AI document understanding and generation. 

Generative AI Interface Design

Self-Service Analytics

Use natural language to query Appian’s data fabric architecture. Build reports in seconds and gain practical insights to improve business operations.

Self Service Analytics

Workflow Generation

Build workflows for full processes using natural language—and review and modify within Appian’s low-code visual model. 

Workflow Generation

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