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Data Fabric

The end of data silos.

Appian’s data fabric unifies data from multiple systems to enable secure and easy access to enterprise data while delivering a 360° view of your organization.

Accelerate development.

Develop enterprise applications in 90% less time with codeless data modeling and no-code integrations.

Smarter, faster decisions.

Get the right data at the right time. Low-code queries let you sort data 9x faster for improved business outcomes.

Maintain total control.

Unify, secure, and orchestrate all your data while reducing maintenance costs by 70%—no coding required.

Drive digital innovation.

Democratize data while maintaining IT governance to create a data-driven culture.

The key to effective process automation.

Build powerful business applications that drive informed decisions.

Data Discovery

Discover existing  data and rapidly build new data models.

Unified Data

Get a complete view of your enterprise with access to real-time data.

Data Security

Protect your data with comprehensive security controls.

Auto Optimized

Ensure data and applications are always lightning fast.

Transform the way you work.

Financial Services

Quickly adapt processes to new regulations to drive greater efficiency.


Enabled 9x faster customer responses.

Public Sector

Automated the contract award process end to end.

Organizations around the world trust Appian.

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