Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Go beyond OCR with AI‑based document processing.

Process large volumes of data, fast.

Rapid Setup.

Leverage pre-trained AI models for rapid deployment.

Accurate Extraction.

IDP offers the highest accuracy rates on a flexible AI platform.

Getting Smarter Everyday.

Accelerate ROI with AI that continuously learns from human corrections.

Powerful Automation.

Eliminate manual document processing in any workflow.

We saw immediate value after implementing the Appian IDP solution. By extracting data from thousands of legacy documents and linking it to low-code data within Appian, users now have access to critical data in seconds rather than hours or days.

Matthew Richard

Transformational efficiency by automating document processing.

  • Pre-built App.
    Out-of-the-box application to classify and extract data from documents.
  • Pre-trained AI Model.
    Extract data accurately from semi-structured documents, like invoices, without complex training.
  • No Templates.
    Auto-extraction of data without the hassle of setting up and maintaining templates for each document layout.
  • Auto Classification.
    Easily teach AI to classify documents with just 5-10 samples.
  • Superior to OCR.
    Appian IDP reads and understands documents more like humans do.
  • Deep Document Understanding.
    Understands documents with complex tables, checkboxes, signatures and handwritten notes.
  • Extract Unstructured Data.
    Extract data from both semi-structured as well as unstructured documents.
  • Human-Enhanced Learning.
    Continuously improve accuracy with AI that learns from human corrections.
  • Built-in Reporting.
    Out-of-the-box dashboards help you track KPIs to track extraction and classification accuracy.
  • Responsive to Change.
    IDP easily adapts to document changes without impacting your workflow.
  • Process Management.
    Seamlessly connect IDP to business processes with industry-leading workflow capabilities.
  • Robotic Process Management.
    Extract structured data and hand it off to RPA bots for further downstream processing.
  • Decision Rules.
    Use decision tables to determine whether data in documents are compliant.
  • Case Management.
    Empower employees by leveraging IDP for case documents.

ROI Calculator

Combine the best of people, process, and AI. Workers can focus on the most important tasks, without being bogged down by tedious data entry.


  • Enter some information about your current document processing needs.
  • Adjust the automation factor to estimate how much of the document processing you’re expecting to automate, without any human intervention.
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