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Interested in switching to Appian?

Are you looking for an alternative to Pega as a platform for process automation and low-code development?

We recognize that switching can be challenging both technically and economically so we have designed a set of offerings to make your migration as EASY as possible.

Our Pega Replacement Plan includes:

  • Flexible licensing options that scale from one process application to your whole Pega program that can help you manage difficult budgetary situations and quickly prove the value of Appian
  • Free developer training & certification enables you to easily convert your Pega certified practitioners to Appian.
  • Transition services from expert Appian Customer Success consultants and our partners to provide in-depth evaluations and architecture support services to accelerate your move
  • Free Access to the Appian Community Edition to allow your team to start learning and building on the Appian Platform today

The $2 billion judgement against Pega. Get the facts.

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