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About Universidad Apec (UNAPEC)

First institution of the APEC Group, established in 1964 in the Dominican Republic, it has three faculties: economics and business sciences, science and engineering and liberal arts. The university has implemented a new model of Dominican university for the present and the future, which aims to build a higher educational institution for sustainable development, with transformative results of national and international relevance.

UNAPEC develops actions with partners in the United States, France, Israel, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Colombia around the development of scientific capacities that generate relevant innovations and ventures articulated within the national and international environment for the formulation and execution of transformative projects in the areas of technology, environment, solid waste, water, energy, youth employment, entrepreneurship, new markets, and inclusion.

UNAPEC is an educational institution that promotes transformative initiatives that add value to society through its active role, which seeks collective work with various actors from the national and international community.