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About Strados International Limited

Strados International Limited is a subsurface company renders world-class earth-science professional services for exploring, developing, and managing energy resources, including hydrocarbons, carbon storage, geothermal and hydrogen.

Our business model integrates diverse geosciences, subsurface engineering disciplines, and exploration methods to characterise and model underground rock formations geological features and dynamic behaviours. We deploy multidisciplinary, Petrotechnical teams that work as virtual integrated subsurface teams or VIST. These teams operate a business model where employees digitally engage with stakeholders and customers of Exploration and Production (E&P) companies through a platform that organises people, workspaces, and the flow of work around processes instead of the domain disciplines, thus, breaking down the walls of traditional siloed functional operations.

Strados designs, builds and deploys tailored work ecosystems based on cloud-integrated data platforms and infrastructure solutions to pursue the digital transformation of the subsurface organisations of E&P customers in the energy sector.