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About Forefront Technologies

Forefront Technologies is an Appian Partner that has worked with companies across industries to build business applications. These applications and solutions focus on simplifying processes with BPS, intelligence and automation to allow the application to provide real value for the end user. Sample applications include Procedure Management, Payroll Change Requests, Land Management Applications and more. We focus on understanding your end users’ challenges and issues to design a low code application that will enhance their overall work day for your end users.

We are headquartered in North Carolina and have resources located across the country. We have spent the last 20 years assisting customers implement Applications to better manage documents, records and data, including content of all types. We are information management specialists and have an extensive portfolio of departmental applications and application integrations, including integrations with ERP, HR, Finance and many other line of business applications. We look forward to the opportunity to assist your team as well.