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How Low-Code Platforms are Driving Digital Transformation in Value-Based Healthcare

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Healthcare organizations face ample challenges when it comes to maintaining and meeting value-based care technology and information needs.

Data integration is challenging in health systems as healthcare data is fragmented over dozens or even hundreds of applications. The rise of consumerism in medicine is leading many hospital systems to look for new ways of meeting consumer demands for convenience, access and efficiency. And finally, the slow speed of application creation, implementation, and maintenance, along with the lack of mobile capabilities, are no fit for health systems that must adapt to changing markets and patient needs.

Read this whitepaper to learn how healthcare organizations have responded to today’s care demands by implementing low-code development platforms. Discover how to enhance daily processes and catalyze digital transformation across healthcare enterprises by providing opportunities for:

  • More sophisticated data integration
  • Reduced ownership costs
  • Higher emphasis on patient and clinician experience
  • Enhanced business agility