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An IT Strategy Brief for the New Era of Intelligent Automation

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Automation has been on a steady march through business for more than 200 years. Nevertheless, the past three years or so have seen a huge step-change in the variety of technologies being promoted to help businesses automate aspects of their work.

Given the wide variety of automation-related technologies being pitched to organizations, and the speedy pace of automation technology evolution, it’s vital that you develop an automation strategy that clearly and deliberately sets out how and where you will look to apply different kinds of automation technology capability – and why you are looking to apply particular technologies in particular places.

In this brief, MWD Advisors explores a framework you can use to design your intelligent automation strategy. The report uses real-world case studies to highlight how organizations are already successfully combining business process management, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation to deliver new value across the enterprise.

Top takeaways include:

  • Why a new era of automation requires a new automation strategy
  • Why the intelligent automation starting point is thinking about ‘how work works’
  • How to act quickly and remain flexible with intelligent automation and enterprise low-code
  • Real case studies on how automation technologies can be applied, and the key considerations you need to take into account if you’re serious about intelligent automation