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Modernizing Federal Acquisitions with Appian’s New Requirements Management Application

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For as long as government acquisition professionals can recall, there have been two long-standing complaints about the process. Customers complain that providing requirements is long, confusing, and fraught with revisions and requests for additional information. Contracting complains that they never receive a complete requirement, have to continually request revisions and additional documentation, and their overall procurement action lead time suffers as a result.

The new Appian Requirements Management application is here to help. Government agencies quickly configure the Requirements Management Solution (RMS) to address their specific needs, rather than relying on inefficient emails, shared drives, and spreadsheets.

  • Demystify the requirements process for the customer and provide an easy to use interface to enter and develop requirement packages.
  • Eliminate the repetitive entry of requirement information across multiple documents and forms.
  • Create required templates based on attributes of the requirement and pre-populate them with existing information.
  • Track all communication and document revisions within the application and easily reassign work.
  • Report on overall requirement progress as well as aggregate performance measures across all requirements and milestones.

Watch this webinar to see Appian’s federal acquisition management solution leader demonstrate the innovative Requirements Management Solution.