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Beyond Vaccinations: Charting a Path to Tomorrow’s Workplace

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COVID-19 vaccinations do not alter reality -- the workplace has forever changed. As businesses consider a future where employees are back onsite, they are faced with new challenges -- who is fully immunized, who isn’t, and what are the implications and impact to the business?

Hear a panel of leading doctors from George Washington University discuss the post-vaccine workplace. This session will explore the core questions that Human Resource and Health & Safety leaders must answer to reopen their facilities, and stay open safely. 

Topics include:

  • How the availability of vaccines and our improved understanding of COVID-19 will shape the workplace of tomorrow.
  • Innovative ways to collect, manage, and report on employee vaccination information to optimize response plans and decision-making.
  • The role of technology in building trust, instilling confidence, and facilitating broader reopening initiatives.
  • Maintaining a safe and productive work environment post-pandemic.