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Accelerating the Digital Supply Chain for Pharma with Appian

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The pharmaceuticals industry has struggled to ensure the integrity of its products as they are transferred between the different stops on the value chain from contract manufacturers to wholesalers to dispensers and finally to the patient. This is particularly true as products move across international borders. Today, regulations include assigning a unique identification number to the smallest unit of sale (for example, a bottle) and tracking that product all the way through the supply chain so it can be authenticated at any point. Given the complex eco-system and regulations mandated across the globe, there is a need to optimize and build a customer centric Digitized Supply Chain that provides enhanced visibility through connected systems, seamless collaboration across parties involved and real-time insights to dynamically adapt to business conditions and create efficiencies.

In this webinar, hear Cognizant and Appian discuss an Appian-enabled IoT, Block Chain & AI driven solution for visibility, provenance, authenticity & monitoring of Pharma Supply Chain.

Viewers will also learn how this solution:

  • Enables a single integrated 360° view of pharma products in the supply chain
  • Leverages IoT to enable proactive monitoring of events to prevent product recalls, thefts and a collaborative response mechanism with dynamic case management
  • Uses block chain for the provenance and authenticity of the devices in the network and utilizes Appian AI and cognitive computing to predict supply chain disruptions while providing actionable insights and smart autonomous decisions to mitigate the same