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2021 Supply Chain Outlook: Bridging the Gaps in Your Operations

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With increasing eCom requirements, shifts in logistics capabilities and fast paced inventory management fluctuations, where should companies aim to remove blockages and replace redundant, highly error-prone processes with automation to match the renewed need for speed, flexibility and accuracy? Hear from speakers from Lineage Logistics, EY, and Appian in this Reuters panelist discussion.

Topics include:

  • The key impacts of 2020 on supply chain operations and what is needed for businesses to successfully outline and implement a progressive and resilient strategy to drive growth, manage ongoing risk and maintain quality of products for customers.
  • The drawbacks of overly complex supply chains – layered with silos that contribute to a lack of communication and operational visibility – and how best to overcome these obstructions and bridge the gaps in your supply chain processes to drive up efficiency.