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Elevate Application Insights: Mastering 23.2 Record Events

Join Appian experts Josh Linder, Sam Knecht, and April Schuppel as they showcase the simplicity of capturing important milestones using the new record events feature in Appian 23.2. This session provides a hands-on guide to updating your apps to unlock additional native capabilities, allowing you to write and display events effortlessly.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover seamless app updates. Leverage the powerful capabilities of record events, making event logging a breeze.

  • Explore native event capabilities. Including the effortless writing and displaying of events, enhancing your application's insights.

  • Gain hands-on knowledge to set up and optimize record events.Ensure you capture and utilize event data effectively.

Resource card description:

Learn how to seamlessly capture significant milestones, unlocking native capabilities for writing and displaying events in your applications.

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