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Design Harmony: Crafting Reusable Interfaces with the Design Library

Join Appian experts Dave Hillier, Michael Vanness, and April Schuppel as they unveil the secrets to creating a design library with a focus on maximizing reusability. This session goes beyond the basics, offering tips and tricks to enhance the reusability of your interface components, followed by a live demonstration.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn advanced techniques to maximize the reusability of your interface components. Ensure interfaces become versatile building blocks for other applications.

  • Witness the practical application of tips and tricks. Watch our experts redesign an interface, providing real-world insights into creating interfaces with enhanced reusability.

  • Gain the skills to curate a design library. Create interfaces that seamlessly integrate across multiple applications, promoting a consistent and efficient user experience.

Resource card description:

Dive into the world of reusable components—the essential building blocks of Appian applications—and discover tips and tricks to elevate the reusability of your interfaces.

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