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Automate with Ease: Unleashing the New Appian RPA 23.3 Design Objects

Join Appian experts Tien Bui, Sam Knecht, and April Schuppel as they showcase the seamless creation of robotic tasks directly from Appian Designer in the 23.3 release. Dive into the world of RPA design objects, where automation becomes effortless, allowing you to deliver more value in less time.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to create powerful robotic tasks. All without writing a single line of code, accelerating your automation processes.

  • Explore the features and capabilities of the new RPA design objects. Unlock advanced automation functionalities in the 23.3 release.

  • Witness a live demonstration. We’ll create a robotic task to retrieve soccer player career statistics, providing practical insights into implementing RPA in real-world scenarios

Resource card description:

Explore RPA design objects, which eliminate the need for coding and deliver enhanced value in record time. Master the creation of robotic tasks and watch a live demonstration of using a bot to retrieve soccer player career statistics.

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