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Appian Europe 2023 Live Build Challenge

Experience the thrill of Appian Europe's Live Build Challenge like never before! Join us for a riveting livestream where developers compete in stages, aiming for victory and prizes. Appian experts Will Goyet and Sam Knecht provide live how-to explanations and commentary between rounds. This is your chance to learn about strategies and techniques from the comfort of your home while developers battle it out live. 

What to expect:

  • Watch developers compete in a series of intense rounds, showcasing their coding skills in Appian.

  • Gain insights from Appian experts Will Goyet and Sam Knecht, who will provide live explanations and commentary on the challenges, strategies, and techniques.

  • Learn more about coding strategies and techniques as you follow the live explanations.

Resource card description:

Get ready for an electrifying livestream of Appian Europe's Live Build Challenge! Witness developers battle through stages, competing for prizes in a coding showdown. 

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