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Modernizing Federal Acquisitions with Appian Government Award Management

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When it comes to managing government awards, legacy acquisition systems focus mostly on the creation of the award document and the processing of modifications against it. This leaves acquisition professionals and program offices on their own to manually manage the myriad of processes, tasks, and documents associated with managing an award. The result is an overburdened contracting staff, a frustrated program office, and costly contracting actions that could have been avoided.

Appian Award Management is here to help. Government agencies quickly configure the application to address their specific needs, rather than relying on manual checklists, shared drives, and calendar reminders.

Register to see Appian’s federal acquisition management solution leader demonstrate the innovative Award Management application:

  • Quickly view assigned awards with visual indicators noting key milestones such as contract expiration.
  • View award data synchronized from any source without needing to move data from agency systems into Appian.
  • Manage award tasks through dynamic electronic checklists that include all process participants in the application.
  • Setup alerts based on funding, spend, and contract dates to proactively manage key award events.
  • Use Appian RPA to automate data retrieval and vendor research.