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Delivering Digital Resilience with a Business Value Engine: an IDC infobrief

Organizations can no longer rely on outdated operating models, technologies, or processes. Operational visibility and automation have become critical agenda items for business leaders striving to lower costs and increase agility while also facing rising customer expectations.

This IDC Infobrief explores why delivering value isn’t just about the customer—it’s about your entire organization. Holistic, automated workflows that are continuously monitored for improvement are key to customer satisfaction and digital resilience, and how a low-code platform can help get you there.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn about in the infobrief:

  • Great customer experiences depend on great business operations.
  • Digitization is not only about automation; it’s also about uncovering operational insights.
  • A platform that helps you build multidisciplinary teams will lower your reliance on professional developers.
  • Future proofing with an open platform is of the utmost importance.

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