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Delivering Digital Innovation in a New Era of IT and Business Collaboration: an IDC infobrief

You need to become proficient at shipping software innovation to your end users faster, with higher quality and performance. To do so, you may need to rethink your technology investments—IT and business should operate in lockstep.

This IDC infobrief explores why becoming “digital by design” demands organizational cohesion and integration. Your IT team needs a technology platform that lets them focus on business value add, not on building and maintaining infrastructure. As recruiting and retaining professional developers becomes more challenging, organizations are looking to business application platforms that future-proof app dev/delivery and eliminate the challenge of building and maintaining complex app infrastructures.

Read this infobrief to learn:

  • How to make the business the heart of app development.
  • How to remove app and infrastructure lifecycle management complexity from your developer teams.
  • Why you should future-proof your app dev/delivery with a platform that delivers secure cloud-native infrastructure by design.
  • How to reorient your dev sourcing strategy toward business users working with data and data connectors.

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