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Appian Max: A Methodology to Get the Most Out of Low-Code

Today's challenges.

It’s undeniable—the businesses that excel in today’s market are those with the most advanced software applications. Software not only streamlines operations but also provides more visibility and control, enabling organizations to focus on differentiation and creating competitive advantages and opportunities. But creating effective enterprise software is notoriously difficult.

The solution lies in low-code.
As an innovative approach to software development, low-code dramatically simplifies enterprise application development and enables companies to build better software faster and more cost-effectively. While low-code is easy to use, how it’s used makes a big difference.

In this guide, we’ve distilled the top low-code best practices into a unique methodology—called Appian Max—that’s designed to help any organization radically increase its low-code development capabilities. Appian Max borrows from agile methodology but adapts it to low-code with a set of original working principles gleaned from decades of experience, transforming the practice of low-code software development and contrasting it with traditional development.

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